About us

Bubble Showroom & Brand History

Bubble Showroom is a Taiwanese bubble tea company founded in France. Its founder was born in one of Taiwan’s beautiful countryside, into a family of tea cultivators for generations.

She grew up drinking bubble tea prepared by her grandmother, a recipe made from tea leaves freshly picked by her grandfather. For her, the taste of the house is the smell of tea with milk.

Out of love for her culture and nostalgia for her hometown, the founder had the idea of ​​creating her own brand of bubble tea in France. She hopes to bring a good tea grown by her family there, so that she can not only drink a sip of bubble tea that will bring back memories of her hometown, but also pass this happiness on to more people.

After making the decision, she returned to her hometown of Taiwan, she shared the idea with her family.

She started visiting neighbors and local residents, and she visited countless traditional shops in bubble tea.

Her family supported her a lot, picking the best tea leaves for her and helping her choose the best local ingredients to prepare your bubble tea, using the old method of bubble tea infusion.

She finally succeeded in creating a bubble tea that evokes her childhood memories. The spirit of tea was finally brought to France, and the’Bubble Showroom’ was officially created.

Bubble Showroom offers authentic premium quality ingredients formaking the best bubble tea and boba tea.

Vision & Brand Heart

The promises of the Bubble Showroom: to offer professionals the best ingredients, machines and equipment for making the tastiest bubble tea and boba tea.

Indeed, no good bubble tea without good products. It is essential for professionals to use natural and authentic ingredients pour to follow the traditional process of making bubble tea, in order to obtain the perfect blend to find the original taste of traditional Taiwanese bubble tea.